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Unstoppable Death Machines's "Shake It Crazy" Video

Clandestinely filmed in a sIzable grow operation in New York City.

by Benjamin Shapiro
04 December 2013, 7:00am

Unstoppable Death Machines at Present Company. Photo by Tod Seelie

Unstoppable Death Machines are Mike and Billy Tucci, two long-haired, weed-obsessed Brooklyn brothers who play spazzed-out, kaleidoscopic noise-punk in trashy lofts and basements. We try to hang out with them as much as their busy schedule of melting face allows, because they aren't pussies and their music makes us want to smash everything around us.

They just sent in their new video for "Shake It Crazy", which will be premiering as part of a time-based video installation down at Present Company's Art Basel show this week. Naturally, the video is a spasmodic procession of mouth-watering weed plants, and should induce an epileptic seizure if you're lucky enough to be prone:

We asked the director, Nick McManus, how he conceptualized the video, and he had this to say:

"I shot these photographs by using a Nikon FM with Minolta lenses and slightly abusing the trust of my friend. I crashed over his house waited for him to pass out, then I went downstairs to his massive grow room and shot all the film I had of his beautiful buds. The next day I ran into Unstoppable Death Machines – considering the amount of weed they smoke, they may as well be plants. So I edited and animated the photographs to make it look like Unstoppable Death Machines are weed plants performing in a grow house full of weed plants. "Shake It Crazy" is one of my favourite tracks off their album, We Come In Peace, because my nickname is Crazy Nick."

Fair enough. You can buy UDM's new vinyl (or download it for free) at their BandCamp page. Plus, if you're down at Basel, you can watch them perform at a handful of shows this week:

Dec. 6 - Miama: Basel Distraction @ Audio Junkie (164 NW 20 St.)
Dec. 7 - Tampa: Tampa Am @ Cuban Club w/Trinidad James and Flatbush Zombies (2010 Avenida Republica De Cuba)
Dec. 8 - Miami: Chocolate Sundays Basel Edition @ Purdy Lounge (1811 Purdy Ave Miami Beach)

Also, feel free to follow these guys on Twitter - @deathmachinesny