Hanging Out with Drunk Barcelona Fans After They Won the Champions League

From the moment the final whistle was blown, they were on one.

by Photos: Brais G Rouco, Albert Gea and Gustau Nacarino
08 June 2015, 8:39am

This article originally appeared on VICE Spain

Over the past few seasons, Barcelona have won so much silverware it's almost impossible to remember those bleak years when the Fountain of Canaletes – the city's official "we won, let's go fucking mental" spot – was basically just gathering cobwebs.

All in all, it's been a pretty decent 12 months for the club, what with them having won almost everything on offer, while their talisman Lionel Messi returned to the terrifying peak of his powers.

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On Saturday, after adding the Champions League trophy to the collection, 50,000 Barcelona fans (and a whole bunch of pissed-up tourists who just wanted in on the party) descended on the city centre. In some ways, people are so used to the team winning that this party has become the official kick-off for the city's summer.

We wanted to see what it was all about so we took a camera out to have a watch as Barcelona charged about celebrating yet another win.

See the photos below: