Holy Shit

'Suicide Squad' Sucks but Grimes' Song "Medieval Warfare" Goes Hard

Sorry, DC.

by Phil Witmer
03 August 2016, 4:43pm

Well, the reviews are in and DC's Suicide Squad movie might end up as the hill that the Justice League universe dies on. No amount of Jared Leto "Joker voice" can save it from the wrath of critics. But hey, this is a music site so let's talk about the movie's soundtrack, which is...not bad, if a little confusing as far as demographics go. What's not confusing is nabbing IRL superhero Grimes for this lineup and now her real time strategy game-titled contribution "Medieval Warfare" just debuted on Beats 1.

This being Grimes, the song avoids easy classification so the best we can do is call it dream-pop trap-metal–an inevitable fusion–and call it a day. "Medieval Warfare" goes insanely hard, so it's a pity that Zane Lowe only played about half of it. Still, that first half, hard ay-eff! Listen to the bifurcated "Medieval Warfare" below.

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