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An Extremely #Relevant Police Force Threatened to Play Bieber's Super Bowl Ad to Drunk Drivers

They might be cops but they’re still down with the kids! 

by Lauren O'Neill
06 February 2017, 9:56am

The Super Bowl, which happened last night, is one of the biggest events in the US television calendar, which can only mean one thing in the home of the brave and the land of buying shit: prime advertising opportunities.

This year, mobile network T-Mobile capitalised on their time by roping in a celebrity endorsement in the endlessly complex and fascinating form of Justin Bieber. Their ad is loosely based on the theme of touchdown celebrations (no idea what this has to do with phones, but FOOTBALL OK?), and culminates in Bieber – dead behind the eyes, inexplicably wearing a suit that makes him look like he's going to a funeral, clinging dearly onto the thought of the paycheque – busting out the saddest running man you ever saw.

Admittedly it's cheesy, and the internet kinda laid into it, which lead to Wyoming's very #cool and #hip police department posting the following tweet:

How #relevant. The cops understand you, teens. Don't drink and drive!

See Bieber's ad below: 

(Image via YouTube)