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Eats Everything on Seeing Thomas Bangalter Melt Minds In Ibiza and His Summer of Sweaty Dancefloors

This guy loves the White Isle so much he even got married there.

by Eats Everything
04 August 2016, 9:03am

The Summer season in Ibiza is one of the most important nodes in the world of international dance music. As DJs and clubbers from all around the world descend on the White Isle, the year's musical identity is defined through all-day beach parties, all-night sessions at clubbing meccas, and secret jungle parties tucked into leafy enclaves.

To get an inside look on what's it like right now in Ibiza, we've invited some of our favorite DJs to bring us along on a week in their life on the island, in a series we call White Isle Journals. This week, we welcome UK house king, Eats Everything, who reminisces on the inventive set from a pre-helmet member of Daft Punk that introduced him to the island, as well as the grueling schedule of summer gigs that are both filling up his passport and testing his endurance.

"To this day, Ibiza is one of my favorite places in the world. The atmosphere and attitude of people makes it feel like the friendliest place. My first time to the island was 1998 and to this day i saw one of the best gigs of my life by Thomas Bangalter. At one point he took the cables out the back of the mixer and started creating a beat by pushing them against the mixer and creating feedback, to this day I've still never seen anyone do anything like that. I've been coming back year after year as both a raver and a DJ, going from being on a lads holiday to see Carl Cox at the old Space in the 90s, to playing alongside him and staying in his villa last summer, which was truly incredible.

I got married here, and moved here for the whole season with my wife and son last summer. I'm very sad about Space closing, of course, and there's certainly some places I wouldn't touch, but I'm not about snobbery and reminiscing about "the good old days." I've got some incredible memories from the 90s and early 2000s, and although Ibiza might be more well-known now, the magic atmosphere is still there and I'm continuing to make incredible memories here.


This past week has been a busy one, the summer touring schedule is very much in full swing. I kicked the weekend off playing at Secret Garden Party on the Friday, one of my favorite UK festivals outside of Glastonbury. Saturday was a scorcher, still sporting residues of glitter from the day before, then I played at Madison's rooftop in London for the Ritual series. It was 30C in London that day and there was sweat dripping off the roof, but I was amazed that so many people still stuck it out in the middle of the dancefloor, and luckily we had some industrial-sized fans in the booth.

The minute I finished we were straight into the taxi for the airport to get to Ibiza, where I was playing all night for Elrow. It turned out to be one of my favorite parties ever in Ibiza, which is no mean feat. I've been playing for the Elrow guys for a while now, and they've welcomed me into their family. Playing at Space in its last year is a privilege, let alone for the whole night, and to top it all off the night was completely sold out! I didn't get much of a chance to recover from that, as on Sunday I was off to close the Mixmag weekend at Gringo's in Malta, followed by another great Elrow party in Mykonos on Monday. This weekend really took its toll on me and I've been in bed all week due to it. I feel very lucky to be able to play so many incredible gigs, but I am looking forward to a bit of family time back in Bristol next week for sure.


This is my go to track at the moment, been playing it in every set recently. I'm not sure records get much more groovy than this. Played it at Space on Saturday and definitely was the tune that really got the crowd going even though it was only 30 minutes into the night.

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