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A.G. Cook's Dizzy Oneohtrix Point Never Remix Is Like a Spin Through a Snow Globe

"Sticky Drama" gets a swirling new version courtesy of the PC Music mastermind.

by Colin Joyce
19 December 2016, 10:11am

Last year, Oneohtrix Point Never released Garden of Delete, a collection of mutated electronic pieces apparently meant in part to mirror the experience of puberty. "Sticky Drama," one of the record's weirdo pop highlights, was a sort of alternate reality Alice in Chains power ballad that was about—per his interview with The Fader at the time—ejaculation.

Earlier this year, the track got a nearly hourlong remix from Four Tet that made its harrowing metamorphoses feel nearly infinite. But today PC Music founder A.G. Cook has offered another take—compressing the track's pop inclinations into a four-minute whirlwind of wonderfully warped vocals, happy piano house drama, and slow synthesizer builds. Out of the original's mire, Cook's created a thing of strange momentum—like cracking open a snow globe and taking joy in the shimmery chaos.

Also, the duo penned a list of the "top 500 best tracks of 2016," which is worth a glance—if only because none of the songs or artists actually exist.

Check out A.G. Cook's "Sticky Drama" remix below.

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