Fast Food

The New Zealand Postal Service Has Started Delivering KFC

Would you like some popcorn chicken with your gas bill?

by Daisy Meager
05 April 2017, 11:46am

Photo via Flickr user Marufish

Your grandma's lament (via the family WhatsApp group) that no one sends letters anymore is true. Save the passive aggressive note from your neighbour about last weekend's "gathering," the only thing landing on your doormat is junk mail.

It's no different in New Zealand, where the number of letters posted has halved over the past decade, resulting in a huge loss of revenue for NZ Post.

But it Kiwi posties are fighting back. In a bid to boost business, the New Zealand postal service has announced that it will be partnering with fast food chain KFC to trial a new home delivery service in the North Island city of Tauranga.

A spokesperson for NZ Post confirmed to the Guardian that some Tauranga postal workers would be delivering Bargain Buckets alongside bills. They said: "All post offices around the world are struggling with what to do when mail disappears, we want to survive for another 100 years but we urgently need to diversify our business."

So far, the New Zealand postal service has recruited 30 delivery drivers for the KFC home delivery pilot and will allow others to apply to take on these extra shifts in the evening. The spokesperson explained: "At this stage, most of the new drivers were students or retirees who would be using their own transport and smartphones to co-ordinate deliveries."

Junk food beats junk mail any day.