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Take A Sip From A Cosmic Pint Glass

Spectral drifts straight outta Norwich.

by Josh Baines
21 May 2015, 2:53pm

Norwich is a city of many splendours: there's the cathedral, Carrow Road, and the Colman's Mustard shop and museum. Outside of Chapelfield mall and the castle, there's another 'c' worth celebrating: Cosmic Pint Glass. Despite (formerly) boasting a different church to pray in every Sunday and enough hostelrys to sink a Wherry or three in every night for a year without visiting the same spot twice, this pint glass was borne out of one specific pub.

"Cosmic Pint Glass first started as night in a basement of the Bicycle Shop as an excuse to get out the house, meet up with mates and show off our rarities and new records to each other while having a couple of pints," CPG owner Ben Mansfield tells us. "It soon turned in to full on hardware jams on a Thursday nights! We thought we better get some of this stuff on vinyl and I was getting a mortgage so I thought I'd better do the sensible thing."

Mansfield, who plays out as Steve Seagull, kicked the label off with a release by Manchester's spaciest dude, and firm THUMP favourite, Ruf Dug. Mansfield looked further afield for the second pint and hooked up with Philadelphia based dreamer, Tony G. "He had this 12" out on Infinite Ju Ju at the end of 2013, called Simple Dreams." They got in touch with one another and, "Tony sent me back a load of tracks one of which was "Plesiosauria", a tribal dream techno number, and somehow it really resonated with me. It felt like the Norfolk sound I used to talk to people about while staring into my pint glass. Soon after asking about "Plesiosauria" Tony sent me a beatless version, which sort of amplified the feeling. I felt the track was too long for the 12" so we kept it as an extended version."

Here's that special gift from the cosmos.

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