Fuel Your Nightmares with Hyper-Surreal Digital Short 'Menetys'

3D artist Louis Crevier's interpretation of a poem about death is morbidly beautiful.

by Beckett Mufson
15 May 2015, 3:20pm

Screencaps via

It's one part morbid poetry, one part hyper-surreal animation, and all parts unforgettable nightmare fuel in French 3D artist Louis Crevier's atmospheric short, Menetys. While Finnish actress Anna Korolainen reads what—so far as we can tell—is a first-person account of decay, from the point of view of a corpse, horrifying-yet-mesmerizing vignettes of grotesque figurines reenact Crevier's interpretation of the text.

"My aim is to offer more of a feel than a simple technique," Crevier writes in his artist bio. His work is recognizable for his otherworldly settings and inhuman subjects, like the Sisyphean relationship between a slide and a trampoline in The Big Exit, and the Art Deco-esque machinery in AUTUMN (N D T R M N C). The style fits Menetys, which was published four days ago, like a tattered glove, as the poem's title is Finnish for "loss."

Crevier made several GIFs from the animation which you can see on his Tumblr, along with snapshots from his other works. For more videos, check out his Vimeo page, and for original compositions (the Renaissance man is also a musician), check out his personal website.

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