Chinese Commentator Falls Asleep Mid-Game, Gets the Sack

Not his fault, it was kind of boring.

by Liam Daniel Pierce
09 November 2015, 10:30am

There's falling asleep on the job and then there's, well, falling asleep on the job. Dong Lu was slated to commentate on a Champions League match between Real Madrid and PSG that started in the wee hours of the Chinese morning at 3:45 AM. Imagine staying up that late and then having to talk for two more hours. Torture.

A veteran sportscaster for LeTV, Dong Luwas less than perky with about 20 minutes left in the game and started dozing off, snoring for all of China to hear. LeTV, one of the largest online video companies in the country with 250 million page views a day, did not take the incident lightly. In fact, they fired the man.

I know that it's his job, and perhaps the snoring was a bit unprofessional. But after Real Madrid scored their opener in the first 20 minutes, the rest of the match was kind of a snoozer. Can't blame the guy for just getting a bit sleepy.

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