Crywank’s Video for "Part 2" is a Rendition of Loneliness and Liberation

They've released a butt load of music but here's the first proper video from the internet's most beloved anti-folk duo.

by Noisey Staff
31 January 2017, 11:00am

You could loosely describe Manchester's Crywank as "anti-folk" but you might as well go the whole nine yards and call it weird. Originally started as a solo project by James Clayton and later joined by Dan Watson on percussion, Crywank are one of those bands that have gone massively under the radar despite racking up millions of YouTube views thanks to kids on the internet (and also, possibly, because Googling their name will bring up various NSFW videos and Urban Dictionary entries featuring demoralizing phrases like "rubbing one out while weeping").

Today we're premiering their video for "Part 2", which follows a man going door-to-door selling life insurance in a sort of literal one-man rendition of Death of a Salesman. The track is taken from a split with Nyla, of which there are only 50 in existence, all sold to people who promised not to put it online, but now it's being released by Vancouver label File Under: Music as part of their video series 'One Song At A Time'Despite having rolled out a veritable trove of releases already, this is the first time Crywank has ventured into music video territory. 

"'Part 2' wasn't really intended to be properly released at any point. It's a break-up song which is an area I don't really want to retread," James explains. "The first Crywank release was a 'break-up album', and the idea of that becoming something synonymous with the band is a pretty uninviting. I guess this song differs in the sense that I'm the one leaving. My friend recorded me in his living room. We had the window open and in the chorus a car alarm started going off outside, it started going in time with the music and then went off when the chorus ended. This seemed too perfect of a take not to keep."

Rather than being a literal reflection of the lyrics, director Seth Smith has paired the track with a visual story of its own, both rooting themselves in feelings of loneliness, liberation and unease. You can watch it below. 

Catch Crywank on tour throughout February.

02/11 - Bradford, UK  @ 1 in 12
02/13 - Nottingham, UK  @ JT Soar 
02/14 - Nottingham, UK  @ JT Soar *Sold Out*
02/17 - London, UK  @ DIY Space For London
02/18 - Brighton, UK  @ PavTav
02/19 - Portsmouth, UK @ The Old Barn

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