Be The Star Of Your Own Galaxy In The LED Kaloxy Playsuit

<p>Mirrors and <span class="caps">RBG</span> LEDs combine to make <i>Kaloxy Playsuit</i> a fashion statement from the future.</p>

Jul 25 2012, 3:54pm

Kaloxy Playsuit 2012 from Amber Martin-van Velzen on Vimeo.

Do you dress to impress? Then quit your efforts in looking decked out and try your hand at getting teched out.

Joining the digital fashion revolution, New Zealand-based designers Amber Martin-van Velzen and Dana Chan introduce futuristic fashion through Kaloxy Playsuit.

Inspired by the fundamental aspects of kaleidoscopes and the mystical aura of the galaxy, the garment is composed of RBG LEDs and features mirror-lined pockets used to project patterns both onto itself and the surrounding environment.

The shape of the pockets and the light they transmit tells the story of Kaloxy, which stems from the Greek words ‘kalos,’ (beautiful) and ‘galaxias,’ (galaxy).

An accelerometer located at the hip measures sharp body movements, allowing Kaloxy to produce ever-changing forms and colors, triggering a random, effervescent, visual luminosity similar to the shaking of a kaleidoscope.

While in daylight the silhouette appears rather minimalistic—bringing attention to its slightly abstract and tailored structure—the LEDs transform this playsuit into a masterpiece of the night as darkness descends.

Photos by James Greenwood.

[via designboom]

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