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Dial Into Mssingno's New XL EP 'Fones' Right Now

The mysterious producer behind "XE2" is back with a sensational new EP on XL Recordings. Listen to "Scope" right now.

by Josh Baines
05 February 2016, 10:45am

UPDATE: "Scope" has just arrived on the internet via XL. Listen below!

OK, OK, the whole 'mysterious producer' routine is a bit played out by now, but it seems like we're still suckers for artists who surface every so often, shrouded in mystery, only to drop a dancefloor depthcharge before vanishing again. Mssigno's one of those guys who gets us all hot and bothered and then "nips out for a pack of fags" and doesn't return for...well, ages. But what's this? Dad's come back! With a brand new EP on XL Recordings! That you can buy right now! Everything's going to be OK everyone! Before we tell you all about Fones, which dropped over night, let's waltz back in time and bathe in the glorious glow of the seminal "XE2".

Back to Fones, then. If you want four tracks worth of scurrying, baroque, mutated, wonky, blissed out, baleful, beatific, grime-cum-R&B-cum-club-music-cum-ambient-cum-whatever-the-fuck-this-is then you're in luck. It sounds like nothing else we've heard this year. Pick it up. Get it? Like answering the phone. Pick it up. Classic.

Grab the EP right here.

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