Submerge Yourself in Adrian Sherwood and Pinch's Ten-Tonne-Heavy Guest Mix

The deadly duo have turned in a stonking set of fractured industrial, parched dub, and deep-space grime.

by Josh Baines
06 March 2017, 12:43pm

Like chips and a battered sausage, dub-dons Adrian Sherwood and Pinch work really well together, and their second album as a collaborative duo, the recently-released Man vs Sofa, is a lot better for you than a plastic punnett of greased salt. I mean, chips are great, and a decent battered sausage is about as good as life gets, but honestly, a paranoid, insectoid, dirty, damaged, and raw take on the gloomier-end of the bass music spectrum is just as tasty.

Pinch, in his infinite wisdom, reckons that, "Having spent around five years working together, our work flow has developed and improved considerably, and we both feel that the music we're making now is something neither of us could or would do alone," which is nice of him. His old mate Adrian notes, "Pinch and I have developed a proper great sound together and this is a real step forward." Nice, isn't it, when friends come together and actually do something with each other that doesn't involve copious amounts of lager and going "Ohh..OOHHH..OOOOOAHHHHH," every time a football goes remotely near the goal on telly.

In fact, the pair get on so famously that they've very generously put together this ten-tonne-heavy mix of fractured industrial, parched dub, and deep-space grime, and if you find something to enjoy within it's dark, dingy, and dank hour running time, then you're probably reading the wrong website.

Check out the mix in full right now.

Man vs Sofa is out now.

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