Listen to a Track From Loom's Mind-Melting New EP on Sound Pellegrino

Check out the title track from the club music producer's forthcoming Burnt Glass release.

by Josh Baines
19 May 2016, 11:08am

When you think about relentlessly experimental machine music that sounds just at home in the club at 3am as it would in a gallery at 3pm, you probably don't think about Ipswich. The Suffolk town's better known for...well, not much really. Daniel Timms, AKA Loom, is on a mission to change all of that.

Having released two fantastic EPs on Mr Mitch's Gobstopper label, he's teamed up with everyone's favourite Parisian purveyors of cerebral club smashing avant-bangers Sound Pellegrino for a stunning new release.

Sound Pellegrino's Teki Latex describes the Burnt Glass EP thusly: "It's another testament to Loom's unique blend of drum-less grime meets glass-shard club antics." Which is a pretty perfect encapsulation of what makes the release so endlessly intriguing. Nothing on Burnt Glass ever stays stationery, each element of a track seems to be in a state of hyper-tension and restless propulsion. Windscreen shattering snares attempt to outrun molasses thick blurts of sub-bass; full fat synth stabs suplex the kind of alien chirrups that sound like an old Slimzee set beamed into a malfunctioning washing machine; rusted percussion rubs against sandpapered lead lines. The result is a release that's about as forward thinking as music gets in 2016 without being the kind of field-recording-of-a-gnat-crawling-on-John-Zorn avant stuff you skip past in the reviews section of The Wire. Which makes it all the sweeter that you'll be hearing tracks from it in any club that's worth going to over the next few months.

Backed with remixes from Le Dom, Lloyd SB, and Doline, the whole thing's destined to become another Sound Pellegrino classic. Because we love it so much, we got Teki himself to give us the keys to the SP vaults and we came back with this exclusive premier of the title track just for you, our dear readers. Stream it below.

The Burnt Glass EP arrives on June 3rd via Sound Pellegrino.

Loom is on Facebook // SoundCloud // Twitter