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Super Hans from ‘Peep Show’ Made a Handy Guide to DJing

The popular TV show character comes to life and is heading out on a UK tour.

by Krystal Rodriguez
24 October 2016, 8:47am

Screenshot via Youtube

There's method acting, and then there's Super Hans. The drug-addled DJ, played by comedian Matt King on the popular British television series Peep Show, made the leap from the silver screen to real life earlier this year when King said he'd be taking the character on a tour of "toonz [sic] & jokes" across "festivals, Ibiza, [and] small pubs."

Now that the tour's kicked off, Super Hans has made a cheeky guide to DJing for The Guardian. In it, he offers a playful dig at David Guetta: "Now, obviously I'm not the jealous type, but he does play a load of old ballbag," he writes. "Did you see him at the Euros opening ceremony? Fuckin' hell. I heard he trousered £200K for that set, which to me sounded like something you'd play at a six-year-old's birthday party if most of the kids there were high on strawberry snakes."

He also gives advice regarding the proper equipment one should use on the decks (the Pioneer CDJ Nexus 900s are his personal choice), advocates for a tricked-out van for traveling, and explains how watching a seemingly innocent nature show traumatized him into spending his free time at the club.

Super Hans will perform at London's Oval Space and Manchester's Gorilla this weekend, and he writes that his goal for the tour is "blowing people's heads off": "Where else are you going to hear a big ketty beat laid over the top of 'Here Comes The Sun' by the Beatles?"

Read Super Hans' Guide to DJing here, and check out his views on the music industry below.