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Heavy Weekend? This Super Obscure New Age Tape From 1986'll Sort You Out

The Moodtapes series of VHS' are the most creepily calming thing you'll ever see. Maybe.

by Josh Baines
18 April 2016, 8:58am

Ron Roy (via Wikipedia)

How's the day going so far? You're sat at your desk shaking, aren't you, nervously eying up the protein pot you picked up from Pret, sat there wondering how you're going to get through the next hour, let alone the rest of the day. You ache. You're clammy. You smell like a kebab made out of Stella, lightly drizzled with the remnants of a can of deoderant. You're chewing gum furiously but you've not actually managed to do anything even resembling work yet and your colleagues are talking about you on Gchat.

It'll all be fine though. We assure you, it'll all be fine. How do we know it'll all be fine? Because we've tracked down a copy of Moodtapes: Tranquility. That's how we know it'll all be fine. For the uninitiated, Moodtapes was a series of relaxation videos put together by "award winning producer and director" Ron Roy, and they're about as new age as you can get without being a series of zither recordings released in Windham Hill.

With names like Oceanic Reflections, Romantic Classics by Firelight, and Autumn Whispers...Winter Dreams, you sort of know what you're getting yourself in for when you sit down with one of these oddities. Do yourself a favour and sit in a dark room with Tranqulity right now, and you'll experience every fear, every anxiety you've got just dissipate into total nothingness. You'll still have to go to that meeting, mind.

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