Gorgeous Stop-Motion Experiment Animates Solid Porcelain

Enchanting work from Estonian artist Anu-Laura Tuttelberg.

by Beckett Mufson
24 February 2016, 7:35pm

GIF via. Images courtesy the artist

Estonian artist Anu-Laura Tuttelberg just dropped an enchanting experiment in animation that envisions rainforest plants and creatures coming to life within the confines of her workshop. Each puppet is made from porcelain, giving her subjects the magical look of living ceramics. The music is by Estonian composer Maarja Nuut, who will also be composing Tuttelberg's upcoming film, Winter in the Rainforest. For an idea of how long it takes to animate with this process, watch from 0:27 as three full candles burn down to the nub in the space of a few seconds.

Tuttelberg teaches puppet animation at the Estonian Academy of Arts and designs sets for several animation studios. Her previous films, including Fly Mill (2012) and On The Other Side Of The Woods (2014), have both won prizes at festivals around the world, including the Annecy International Animation Festival. Winter in the Rainforest won first prize at the 2015 Baltic Pitching Forum, an event designed to promote promising young filmakers in Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. It will be the first in a series of vignettes depticting surreal animals and worlds from every biome, straight from Tuttelberg's imagination.

She describes the world of Winter in the Rainforest on her website, writing, "In a hidden corner of the world there is a place where all impossible dreams come true. In a rainforest amidst lush nature, fragile porcelain animals can be found. Strange white stony creatures are born in wild river streams, birds with feet like human fingers hunt for flying fish, vicious spiders catch miniature dancers into their traps... This is a surreal world inhabited by creatures never seen before. Time here passes in a strange way moving in an unexpected [pace]."

Below, check out the animation test for Winter in the Rainforest, as well as production stills and concept imagery from the film.

See more of Anu-Laura Tuttelberg's work on her website.


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