Drawing Giant Rabbit Robots and Google Maps Visualizations

Illustrator Andrey Shkurenko is the Russian Renaissance man of the graphic art world.

by Matthew Sedacca
06 July 2015, 4:45pm

Transport, All images courtest the artist

For Moscow-based digital artist Andrey Shkurenko, graphics are key. Across his websites and social media pages, the illustrator features intricately detailed projects—including a surrealistic advertisement illustration for New Balance and an ergonomically designed graphic visualization of Google Maps—that capture his love of brightly colored computer-esque images. 

Phone Navigation

Much of his understanding of graphic illustration stems from his formal education in industrial design: "During my studies, I paid much attention to the construction of car bodies," Shkurenko explains to The Creators Project. "[It] most[ly] gave understanding of the spatial structure and the person in it." Outside of advertising, his interests stretch to the polar opposite end of the creative spectrum, 2D graphic fantasy art and illustration. "I think in the year 2004 I saw Andrei Ivanchenko. At that time, I did not have a graphics tablet. I was amazed, and... could not understand how this is possible on the computer." 


Today, Shkurenko is known for his grayscale, futuristic scenes that focus on sci-fi comic book subject matter and RPG-fantasy video game-esque characters. His Tranport series with a spaceship riding dog-hunter captures the sense of mystique and isolation familiar to Katsuhiro Otomo's Akira. On the flipside, Russian Hound and its earth-toned rustic desert scenery, complete with an anthropomorphic canine bounty hunter riding atop a mecha-Rabbit-motorcycle, isn't a far cry from the impossible IRL conceptualizations by Massive Black or Brom

Russian Hound

But even with such ambiguity regarding his niche space in the art community, one thing is for certain: Shkurenko is always open to new ideas. "I am an artist with a very good base in a variety of genres," he claims. "Now, I'm interested in all genres."

UV Winders

For more of Andrey Shkurenko's work click here.


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