45 Minutes of Algorithmic Genius Compose Karma Fields' Full Album Music Video

Chinese artist Raven Kwok unveils a monumental generative art video that integrates with Karma Fields' album ‘New Age | Dark Age.'

11 April 2016, 4:30pm

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Algorithmic creatures dominate a lot of Raven Kwok’s visual thinking. But when the Chinese artist, a.k.a., Guo Ruiwen premiered his video for Karma Fields’ song “Skyline,” he unveiled generative visual patterns based on the Voronoi tessellation, a mathematical model used in a wide range of fields, including art. Kwok puts these mathematical points to work again in his monumental, 45-minute generative video for Karma Field’s full album, New Age | Dark Age (Monstercat), though this time the tessellation is just one of a menagerie of algorithmic visuals.

The world itself is monochromatic, as with much of Kwok’s work. The video is about an artificially-intelligent matrix of grids and shapes in constant motion and evolution. Kwok also plays with depth and flatness, often in the same frame, and brings in lyrics as he did in the recent video for “Stickup.”

"The concept behind this video is [to] build a synthetic world out of systems and algorithms that represent the symbiotic relationship between man and machine that Karma Fields portrays in this album,” Kwok tells The Creators Project. “This full-length video is an amalgamation of all previous work to create one fluid piece of visual art." Spend your afternoon inside matrix with Raven Kwok and Karma Fields below:

Click here to see more of Raven Kwok’s work. Purchase Karma Fields' New Age | Dark Age via Monstercat here


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