This Flickering Shadow Installation Changes with the Wind

It's a soothing cocktail of shade in HC Gilje's latest take on rotating light, "Flimmer."

by Beckett Mufson
05 May 2015, 6:00pm

Images courtesy the artist

Shining their way through a forest of 300 suspended black strips, rays of light play across the floor of HC Gilje's new installation, Flimmer. Three oscillating fans gently rustle the fabric, fluttering in front of LEDs to create a unique pattern of light and shadow every time you look at it. He cites Lars Spuybroek's "Motor Geometry" (1997) as an inspiration for his work, an essay that states, “We no longer look at objects, whether static or moving, but at movement as it passes through the object.”

He demonstrates this through the continued use of simple, circular movement in his light art, evident in years-old projects like 7 Cirkler and In Transit X, as well as in the recent North American premieres of two light sculptures, Revolver and Spin, new versions of which are paired with Flimmer in Gilje's new solo show at Pittsburgh's Wood Street Galleries.

Gilje's solo show runs through June 21, 2015. Check out more images of Flimmer, as well as footage of Revolver and Spin, below.

Check out HC Gilje's website for more of his revolving light art.


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