Here Are This Season's Weird Supreme Accessories

Anyone up for a step-ladder you'll never actually use?

by Mac Hackett
13 August 2018, 11:13am

All images via supremenewyork.com

Ever since Supreme properly blew up – blew up, blew up; as in, since they started attracting 14-year-olds and their parents to their Thursday drop queues, as opposed to just sneaker-nerds and ageing Bape collectors – they've got into the habit of releasing more and more idiosyncratic accessories every season.

Famously, as part of their AW16 collection, the New York streetwear brand released a brick, which promptly sold out completely, only to reappear again on eBay at considerably marked-up prices. Since then they've brought out a shovel, a big red sled, a pinball machine and a kayak, among other stuff – all of which sold out almost instantly, too.

This season is no different. Among the standard fare – plain white T-shirts, badges, socks – Supreme's AW18 preview, released this morning, revealed the brand will also be selling an inflatable chair, a bike, a thermos, and all of the below:

A Supreme x Steiff bear. No idea why. Usually, the accessories allude to some kind of historical connection or interest Supreme has as a brand – boxing, for example, or music, with last year's Fender Stratocaster. Steiff bears, meanwhile, are collectible items that traditionally sell for thousands of pounds at auction to wealthy grandmothers.

A Supreme/Tamiya Horbet RC car, continuing the toy theme.

Some scales, which are perhaps intended as a complimentary accessory to last season's weirdly twee Mason jars, which you had to assume were for weed, because even though Supreme's been accused of losing its edge, it's not Cath Kidston for the Snapchat generation quite yet.

A Supreme/Hohner melodica. Fair fucks.

A Supreme/Lucano step ladder. Which will never once be used for its intended purpose.

See the full Supreme AW18 preview here.