A Punk Album Was Mistakenly Pressed on Copies of Beyoncé's 'Lemonade' Vinyl

Canadian band Zex have suddenly received the opportunity of a lifetime.

by Phil Witmer
19 September 2017, 8:12am

Fotos: imago | ZUMA Press / Zex

Split releases are a key part of the punk and metal worlds, allowing like-minded bands to get their material out there while playing into a strong sense of community. Beyoncé, after conquering several disparate genres on Lemonade, has finally made her first foray into the hardcore sphere with a new split 12" LP alongside Ottawa, Canada punk band Zex. Now if only someone will actually let her know that this happened.

It turns out that some copies of the recently-released Lemonade vinyl have the entire A side accidentally replaced with that of Zex's 2017 album Uphill Battle. The humour of expecting "Pray You Catch Me" and getting Iron Maiden-inspired retro-punk speaks for itself.

This has already happened this year with Queens of the Stone Age being pressed onto an album by Australian singer/songwriter Gordi, so either someone is trolling or someone needs to get their shit together. Needless to say, Zex themselves are pretty jazzed about all this, as a post to their official Facebook makes plain.

Before you ask, already has the data logged for this mistake, so it's now officially part of music history. It's a huge moment for Canada's capital and for the genre of punk as a whole. We (meaning Canadians) may never get such large-scale exposure again until Drake or Justin Bieber or the Weeknd announces their next album.

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