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The New CHVRCHES Song Has a Drop But It's So Good I'm Not Even Mad

"Miracle" is a solidly millennial pop track inflected with 90s rock, and coincides with the news that the Glasgow band have funded the city's Girls Rock programme for 2018.

by Lauren O'Neill
11 April 2018, 9:59am

Image by Danny Clinch via PR

For a long time I have quietly seethed about the Curse of the Drop, which has truly infected mainstream pop music. Who knows how many would-be euphoric choruses have been taken from us and replaced instead with an en vogue beat drop where literally nothing happens? How many life-changing moments contained within the sweaty walls of nightclubs and house parties have we been robbed of because those choruses never existed ("New Rules," what might have been)? Sigh.

However, even a purist such as me is sometimes forced to admit that of course there are some exceptions – not all pop-drops are created equal, and so on. So it's good news that CHVRCHES have come along to put their spin on the drop with new track "Miracle," because their version is actually quite good (hear the song above.) They've blended it with enough unexpected elements that it doesn't feel generic – there is, for example, a real sense of the influence of bands like The Cardigans and Garbage – and it's for this reason that I deem it pretty bloody great.

The release of the track, which is another new one from the band's upcoming album Love Is Dead (out 25 May) coincides with the announcement that CHVRCHES have funded Glasgow's Girls Rock programme for 2018. Girls Rock is a global organisation that runs summer camps and schools for young, self-identifying women to get involved in music. On Twitter, Girls Rock Glasgow said:

At a time when we're uncovering just how difficult all levels of the music industry can be for women to navigate, it's extremely cool to see a group of musicians at the peak of their creativity endorsing and, crucially, funding programmes like Girls Rock. Let's hope more musicians follow in CHVRCHES' footsteps: both in getting involved in worthwhile music-based causes, and in putting out fucking good pop songs. Just mind the drop.

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