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Who Is the Sick Boy, Really? A Meditation on The Chainsmokers’ New Single

Is it you? Perhaps.

by Alex Robert Ross
18 January 2018, 9:43am

“What should my caption be?
I want it to be clever
How about "Livin' with my bitches, Hashtag live"
I only got 10 likes in the last 5 minutes
Do you think I should take it down?
Let me take another selfie” — The Chainsmokers, “#Selfie”

"Make no mistake, I live in a prison
That I build myself, it is my religion
And they say that I am the sick boy
Easy to say, when you don't take the risk, boy
Welcome to the narcissism
We're united under our indifference"
— The Chainsmokers, “Sick Boy”

Andrew Taggart says that he is the sick boy.

But what if, in fact, you are the sick boy? What if I am the sick boy?

Makes you think.

Find Alex Robert Ross in the prison of his own making.