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J Hus Ascends His Throne In His New "Bouff Daddy" Video

Kaleidoscopic visuals and a Mercedes Benz with the registration 'Hus,' obviously.

by Noisey UK Staff
17 November 2017, 10:44am

Image via YouTube

J Hus has had a huge 2017, and the good news is he's not done yet. On Wednesday night, he played a huge show at London's Brixton Academy (giving a joyful two fingers to the now-trashed Form 696 as well as celebrating his own much-deserved rise), which featured a giant bucket hat onstage, alongside four Mercedes Benz cars. Just regular shit, really.

Today, continuing the mood of total triumph, Hus has dropped a new music video for "Bouff Daddy," one of the standout tracks from his Mercury-nominated album Common Sense. It's an affair befitting of the song's confidence, and sees Hus leaning into his position as one of the heirs apparent of British rap a little bit more – he's dynamic, relaxed, and self-assured, and that feels exciting to watch.

As far as the video itself is concerned, it's a lot of fun, switching between kaleidoscope style shots of Hus against monochrome backgrounds, and scenes of him stunting in a swimming pool. There is also, naturally, a Benz. You wouldn't really expect anything less. Watch it above.

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