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Fabric's Cat-Naming Contest is the Truest Display of PLUR

Or should we say, PURR?

by Krystal Rodriguez
12 June 2017, 9:04am

Photo via Fabric's Facebook

Black cats are supposedly unlucky, but one is making a UK clubber extremely fortunate.

London nightclub fabric earlier this week adopted a new office cat, and staff need help naming it. On Wednesday, June 7, they put out the call for suggestions on Facebook with an incentive: "In return for the most fitting moniker we'll reward the person who comes up with it a silver card which gifts you free entry to the club (with a guest) for life."

The only exception: "Any variation of Rob is banned. Four of them is plenty."

The winner, just newly announced, was "Moog," a tribute to electronic music pioneer Bob Moog and his famed synthesizer. Among the many comments—all 4,967 of them—was a trove of suggestions equally worthy of the institution's new furry mascot. Here are some of the best (okay, and also the punniest) ones.