The Noisey Questionnaire of Life

The Noisey Questionnaire of Life: Big Narstie

"Why man try'na wear jogging bottoms so tight you can see man’s twelve digit numbers on their credit card?"

by Noisey Staff
30 September 2016, 11:11am

This is the Noisey Questionnaire of Life. These are the questions we have handpicked, based on years of research, which can cut to the very core of an interviewee. These questions don't just provide answers, they give meaning to humanity itself. Nike, Adidas or Puma? Michael Jackson, Prince or Bieber? Aldi, Lidl or Morrisons?

In the last episode, we exposed Tim 'hardest in the game' Westwood (watch here) to this psychological gauntlet, and this week we're zeroing in on a very spacey and elevated Big Narstie. Slide back in your chair, press play and engage.

The Noisey Questionnaire of Life – Big Narstie