We Asked a Psychic Healer How Justin Bieber Can Make His Life Less Spiritually Draining

Tons of excitable teens ready to clamour all over you = an energetic minefield.

23 March 2016, 12:15pm

Commuting is draining. Going to work is draining. Talking to anyone unpleasant is draining. All we are is fat lumps of flesh traversing through our days giving out our energy – positive or shitty – to other lumps around us. It's a law of physics: for every action there is a reaction. Even if you have absolutely no inclination towards spirituality or ideas about energy, you can accept that if you're sitting feeling awful, seething with resentment and thinking about death, in some way that's going to affect the poor bastards around you. It goes the other way too. Even if someone you hate is delighted that day and giving out compliments and smiling, you'll frown, grunt and maybe hate them a little bit less in that moment.

Imagine, then, that you're one of the biggest celebrities in the world. People pay up to $2000 to enter into your space and interact with you in some small way. That would have an effect of sorts. This is precisely what Justin Bieber has found.

On Wednesday he posted on his Instagram that sadly, he has had to cancel the meet-and-greets on his Purpose tour because he is feeling the strain. "I end up feeling so drained and filled with so much of other people's spiritual energy that I end up so drained and unhappy," Bieber wrote. "Want to make people smile and happy but not at my expense and I always leave feeling mentally and emotionally exhausted to the point of depression. Can't tell you how sorry I am, and wish it wasn't so hard on me.. And I want to stay in the healthy mindset I'm in to give you the best show you have ever seen ;).'

Fans might have not reacted well ("You're paid millions of dollars thanks to those fans who drain you. Sorry your life is sooo hard" being the one of the general responses), but money is money and celebrities and labels and management like money and meet and greets make a lot of it. They're engrained in the tour cycle of being a popstar, too.

How could JB have limited this energetic damage? How can meet-and-greets become sustainable? Is it even safe to be doing this on a semi-regular basis? We rang up Martha Brett, a spiritual and psychic healer, who specialising in clearing people of unwanted energies.

VICE: Hey Martha. Let's talk meet-and-greets. Energetically, how does that set-up work? Lots of excited, emotional people ready to aim all their energy at their idol?
Martha Brett: Exactly. And not only aiming at him, but also taking away his energy. There's sometimes a psychic cording happening where the fan or the public will want so much to be connected with the person that they will physically connect to a part of that person's body and take away their energy. And when Bieber is shaking hands with someone, he is giving his energy away. It goes two ways. This person that does have physical contact is probably a very caring person and is nice but it's draining nonetheless. Everyone wants something from him. This is what seems to be happening to him now.

What would you suggest he can do?
I'd say he should begin a careful meditation practice that he should do before he goes to the meet-and-greets. Centre himself, make sure he's grounded, make sure his chakras are desensitised and that he's not wide open. This will help protect him from anyone trying to connect with him physically. There are exercises he can do; for example, he could imagine himself in a big bubble of light: six feet wide, above his head, all the way around, under his feet. On the outside, put mirrors or anything shiny to deflect energy away from him. His intention during this is that he's not going to receive any negative energy, which means he'll protect himself. If the bubble does not work for him, then he can imagine shields around him. Only love and light are allowed to come through. That way it won't pick up anything negative. Have him have those shields about elbow to wrist length around him.

Will that make him have a rubbish disconnected meet-and-greet with fans though?
It's not keeping people away, it's just keeping his energy intact. Imagine your intention.

What if he's not into meditation?
Other practical tips are to make sure he's hydrated with drinking water. If he likes crystals, a black tourmaline is great. It's grounding and provides psychic protection. It basically creates a psychic shield. That could be in his pocket or around his neck or wrist that's fine. But it needs to be cleaned every day or every time he's done one of these meet-and-greets under cold water. If he's feeling run-down from illness from these fans then just think and have that intention that you will not pick up illness from them.

Great. So after the meet-and-greet, what can he do to get rid of any lingering energy?
He should go home and have a sea salt bath. Just a handful of salt in the bath, sit in for 10 or 15 minutes, wash in that water. If he could lay in the bath and put his head in the bath, that's ideal. If not, just pour the water over himself. After that time, shower off and use his own products. Salt water's really good for cleansing. There are other ways but I don't know if he has any spiritual practice...

He's Christian, I believe.
He could also wear a crucifix because that will work as protection. Before he goes out he could say a little prayer. Ask Archangel Michael for protection. It's up to him to see what works for him.

Do you think this whole thing is a difficult, trying practice? Would you do a meet-and-greet, knowing all that you know?
No. I don't touch many people and I don't let them touch me. I limit that contact. If I'm seeing somebody, I don't shake their hands until after the session. A change of energy could be that strong, could be that quick. Even though I'm protected, I don't know what they're bringing in until I see them.

Wow. This is intense, then. Thanks, Martha!


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