Laura Marling Premieres the Video for "I Feel Your Love" on Noisey

It's a newly reworked version of the track from Marling's spellbinding fifth record 'Short Movie'.

21 July 2015, 1:00pm

Laura Marling's fifth record - Short Movie - marked a new chapter in the singer-songwriter's career. The album emerged from a period of "universal humbling": a year and a half spent travelling around America, applying for poetry courses, getting rejected from poetry courses, and recording an entire album before discarding it because, as she told the Guardian earlier this year, "it just wasn't interesting". In some ways, Marling's records have always been characterised by her surroundings, but on Short Movie she went electric; her own Dylan moment, if you will. The result? Thirteen tracks of bold revelations, pumped full of energy and experience, sounding much more free and expansive than anything Marling had released prior.

Short Movie has now been re-released as a Director's Cut - featuring newly reworked versions of solo songs, played in a live band setting. Above is one of those tracks. Called "I Feel Your Love", Marling describes the video (which she co-directed with Cherise Payne) as a perfect illustration of the “alchemical change that occurs within a musical group when you add a new brain or flavor to it”. Check it out above, and read our interview with Marling about her time in America here.

Laura Marling will play a headline set at London's The Forum on September 5. Get the rereleased record on iTunes, Spotify, and Apple Music.