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New York, I Love You, but You’re Making Me Sweat

This weekend NYC was subject to a "heat dome," which translated from science means everyone at Panorama Festival was so perspirational they looked like they'd fallen into a tub of lube.

by VICE Staff
26 July 2016, 9:00am

All photos by Matt Seger.

Even at the best of times we all stink like ass by the end of the first day at a festival. Luckily Panorama was on Randall's Island in NYC, so everyone could go home at the end of each day to freshen up and take four cold showers. Unluckily temperatures soared close to 100 degrees this past weekend, plus there was all that science talk of a "heat dome," which meant that by the time you crossed the bridge, or boarded the ferry and actually got to the festival grounds you were slick with sweat, shiny like you fell over in a vat of lube. Primary cooling options were the air conditioned art space, a.k.a. The Lab, or Despachio, the air conditioned dome-shaped club on the festival grounds. If you were in there, you were golden. Or rather, you were matte. Make up? Why bother! Faces were melting. Trying to avoid heatstroke became a bigger concern than catching Holy Ghost and the literal hot trend was trying to keep cool and failing and just looking super perspirational instead. This resulted in sweat soaking fabric in some interesting configurations. Basically wherever you glanced there was a Rorschach test on people's backs, butts, and crotches.

Special shouts out to those who managed to stay chill in style.

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