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Noisey Tidbits Roundup

The Strokes may be releasing a new single, HMV have been accused of theft and Skrillex set his hair on fire.

by Ryan Bassil
18 January 2013, 10:00am

A weekly roundup of anything music-related that's made us excited about being able to hear things.

Bon Rappetite Sounds Like A Great Restaurant

I live in a house with bare cupboards and barely make enough money to buy microwave noodles. I’m also really hungry right now and writing about this restaurant is akin to bullying my stomach. Bon Rappetite is the world's first hip-hop restaurant. They cater to ballers because everyone knows that real gangsters are culinary aficionados. Based in Atlanta (Where else?!) Rappetite stocks stuff like Waka Flocka Flambé, Snoop Doggy Corndogs and L’il Wangz (chicken wings, duh). For the real stunters, every Monday they hold rap battles and guests are also invited to freestyle their order to their waiter. Anyway, after making the internetz lose their shit over the menu, they've now brought out a cook book so you can bake your own Creme Puff Daddies at home. Personally, I really want a Roastface Killah for Sunday lunch this weekend, BAH DUM DUM TISH!

MGMT Premiered New Material To A Cat

This week MGMT learnt how to use Twitter. Apparently they’re doing something really exciting. Didn’t they say the same thing about Congratulations? That album only just about manages to reach the levels of excited I get when lathering up my hair with a bit too much shampoo. Anyway, they decided to share the news of excitement with a cute little kitty. Except, it seems like cats can’t stomach MGMT anymore either if his scared palette of shocked emotion is anything to go by.

Skrillex Set His Hair On Fire

Back in the day caterpillar cakes were all the rage. Alongside party bags and jealous fights, they were a birthday bash staple. The birthday boy/ girl would always get the caterpillar's face, while the rest of the partygoers were left with smushy chocolate anatomy. Skrillex doesn’t get caterpillar cakes at his birthdays. Instead, he gets birthday cakes shaped like turntables. It’s pretty much the equivalent of David Brent getting a fax machine shaped pastry for his 45th. Anyway, Mr Skrill-Skrill was captured on video getting a bit too close to the candles and setting his luscious locks on fire. Shame. No-one would want to ruin that hairstyle.

The Strokes Might Have A New Song Out Soon

Sometimes I really, really miss The Strokes. Then, I remember Angles. An album so distinctly flat-packed that it was about as interesting and frustrating as a new chest of drawers from Ikea. Still, there’s always hope that Julian and co. can make another Is This It. Apparently Seattle radio station 107.7 The End have received a copy of a new track from the bands record label, RCA. The radio station described the track as “packing a classic Strokes sound” and have stated that they’d like to leak it. I’m a little dubious though. Why send a new Strokes song to a radio station? Like, do they really have something? Stay tuned.

HMV Might Be Closing Down. They’ve Also Been Accused Of Theft

Notice the “might” in the title? People have been so keen to announce the keeling over of high street behemoth HMV that they’ve kinda forgotten it isn’t dead yet. They’re just in administration. They might survive, HAVE SOME HOPE! Either way, the people sobbing about the impending death of HMV, dispensing memories about peering over cellophane 2 for 1 CDs, are the very same who tattoo their love for independent record stores all over their lifestyle. Doesn’t this strike anyone else as a bit of a clash? Aren’t high street retailers supposed to be the poison that indies fight against. Has HMV become an artefact?

Anyway, Conservative MP Sir Tony Baldry has since accused the retailer of theft after they decided to no longer honour gift cards of vouchers. But, y'know, haven’t the Tories done a fair share of stealing themselves? Awkward.