Premiere: Alista Marq - "Forest"

Like all great narratives, the Shoreditch based rapper's latest track follows the "love story of two lost beings".

by Noisey Staff
21 August 2015, 12:34pm

Shoreditch has changed, man. That much is clear to anyone who has spent even a brief amount of time in the East London area over the last five years. Where there was once a booming art community, desolate areas, and reasonably affordable rent, there are now boutique hotels, a gluttony of street-food stalls, infinite branded experiences and, on the weekend, pavement vomit that can rival Magaluf. Those changes are something that Shoreditch based rapper Alista Marq talks about on the above track, using "Forest" as a metaphor for the "days/nights in the neighbourhood that can have you feeling like you're in a different world".

That's not to say it's some sort of worldy, political single though. Like all great narratives, "Forest" follows "the love story of two lost beings learning more about themselves every step of the way". Produced by Stevie Dutch, the track is as lush as a genuine forest; one of those wooded areas you might see in a painting, with sunlight and water streaming into the frame. Listen above.