Holy Shit

Watch a Preview of Die Antwoord’s Video For “Gucci Coochie”, Their New Track With Dita Von Teese

In the past few days we've gone from no Die Antwoord to fuckloads of Die Antwoord.

by Daisy Jones
18 May 2016, 3:33pm

In the past handful of days, we’ve gone from no Die Antwoord to fuckloads of Die Antwoord, and as the days go by, and their mixtape Suck on This finally lands (tomorrow), that amount is only going to increase. What I’m trying to say is – prepare yourselves.

Our latest dose has come in the form of “Gucci Coochi”, a certified, synth-stuffed banger with an added intro from the sexiest person alive AKA Dita Von Teese, who says: “Yeah, I know she’s so hot right now. But look out for that one; she’ll fuck up your whole life with that little Gucci coochie” before her voice is invaded by an infectious, clattering beat and the fluttering, quick-fire bars of Yo Landi.

They didn’t just release a track, though. They also offered up a 15-second teaser of the track’s video, which features a topless and monochrome Von Teese, as well as the eyes of Yo Landi, and the mouth of Ninja.

Watch the preview below, and scroll down to listen to the whole track:

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