Axl Rose Broke His Foot and Borrowed Dave Grohl's Throne to Play Show

Grohl and Axl are definitely cool.

by John Hill
11 April 2016, 9:00am

Photo via Instagram

Rock and roll is hard as shit. Day to day, you can never guess what is going to happen at the next turn, so you have to adapt to whatever the wild lifestyle throws at you. That's exactly what happened when Axl Rose broke his foot recently. Given Guns N' Roses history with jumping out of shows and avoiding shit, one might think that Axl would cancel a bunch of the band's upcoming performances. But instead he's stuck it out, and adapted by borrowing Dave Grohl's giant Throne from when he broke his own foot. The band brought the throne to their recent show in Las Vegas, where they belted out an awesome 23 song set. You can see clips of the show below via Stereogum.

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