Fancy Some Raw, Unedited Handycam Footage of a Danish Sex Club? Here's Shiny Darkly's New Video

This way for sordid kinkiness mixed with Blair Witch Project art-direction.

by Joe Zadeh
12 May 2015, 11:36am

Musicians everywhere are becoming rapidly aware that unless you're Drake, Beyonce or someone towards that echelon, not many people really care if you're in your music video or not - especially if it's just shots of you looking moodily to camera interspersed with cuts of a city skyline on an overcast day. Instead, more acts are looping in new types of video directors from the worlds of visual art and experimental low budget filmmaking, giving them free reign to explore the the inner recesses of their imaginations, with the result being something that makes people go: W. T. F.

Danish band Shiny Darkly, who play the kind of no wave-inspired post-punk that makes you want to update your Facebook to say "Feeling nihilistic", did just with the video for their latest single "Animal Fate". "We didn't want to feature ourselves," explained frontman Kristoffer Bech, "instead, focus on something realistic, dramatic and even tragic."

Of the video, the director, Frederik Valentin, says: “I wanted to amplify and illustrate the aspect of the lyrics about dominance. It’s a real scene, shot on location. 100% documentary, no orchestration at all. The video is just one take. Actually what you see is the first take I did as entering the club, shot on nightvision with a small handycam to prevent unnecessary attention.”

The resulting footage is super eerie, made even more voyeuristic by the idea that its subjects are a real sub/dom couple. All the rude bits are blocked out, so watching someone spit in someone elses mouth in inverted colour will, at worst, result in your boss steering clear of your desk for the forseeable. But if the general vibe of sordid kinkiness mixed with Blair Witch Project art-direction kind of offends you then maybe this isn't your bag.

Watch "Animal Fate" exclusively on Noisey:

Shiny Darkly play The Waiting Room in London on June 10th.