Here's RIVRS and Their Video for "Falling"

Signed by Charli XCX to her imprint Vroom Vroom, this London duo work a deliciously dark post-Disclosure groove with just the right amount of R&B-pop.

by Eve Barlow
21 July 2016, 1:42pm

RIVRS (pronounced Rivers, like the Mississippi, and the Danube and—my personal favorite—the Volga) have a brand new song, video, and EP coming, and it's called "Falling." Crawling out from the shadows of Camden in London, where they outgrew the scene of dirty indie bands and rock 'n' roll tearaways, Charlotte and Finn who initially met at university stayed indoors, and cooked up some post-Disclosure UK electro in their bedrooms, inspired by Years & Years, Hudson Mohawke, SBTRKT, The xx, ie, everything Finn didn't get chance to play at a student club night he ran called Bad Sex. The demos they'd pass back and forth to each other (all focused on melody, simple keys and guitar parts and bass-y beats) found their way to Charli XCX, who signed them to her own label Vroom Vroom Records, an announcement that came in February this year. Charli 's grand opening of the latest branch of her empire came via a black Lamborghini and an EP featuring her SOPHIE-produced song "Trophy," plus RIVRS' 2015 single "Friend Lover," and "Beating Myself Up" by Cuckoolander (Charli's other signee; we premiered her recent, most excllent video here).

Now, however, RIVRS are readying their own big break via the Falling' EP: four tracks (including "Friend Lover") that explore loneliness, longing and, simply, all the relationship feels. The "Falling'" video—premiering below—features Charlotte channeling Madonna "Vogue" movements, with bangs and eye shadow that would send BANKS into a mascara-streaming meltdown. There are lots of mirrors, a tunnel with a massive light prism (and a nimble dancer pulling some X Men:Apocalypse style acrobatics). Then there's Finn intensely lurking behind every reflection. His face is spliced with Charlotte's as if to further impress that these guys are two halves of a very democratic creative whole. Shot by director Bison (Florence & The Machine, Bastille) the clean, glacial, stark tones perfectly complement the track's vibrating rhythms and dancing synths. “Maybe I could have loved you, maybe I tried too hard… but I don't know what you want from me,” sings Charlotte, frustrated that she's crushing on a dude who's a bit of a mystery. Just as well this track isn't as complicated. We got Finn and Charlotte to tell us why you should start falling for it now…

Noisey: What's so great about your EP, 'Falling'?
It's almost naive in its honesty—it depicts lust, obsession, and love.”

You've played Bristol's Dot-To-Dot festival this year and Live At Leeds… What's the most fun you've had onstage?
The launch of our club night Strangelove’(at Red Gallery in London with Majik and Ekkah). I wore a black rubber bra and skirt, which was fun to dance in but very sweaty! Our next one is September 15th at Red Gallery again—we’re be playing alongside Cuckoolander and more TBC.”

Tell us a secret about Charli XCX? Is she a tough boss?
She’s incredible at trampolining—backflips and everything. She's not a tough boss though, she’s very level headed.

Finn, in the video you give major serious lurking face. Did you put time in in front of the mirror?

Charlotte, who is your dance inspiration?
At the moment I’m admiring 80s-style Axl Rose.

Of all the RIVRS, what's your favorite RIVR?
The Thames. When it's low tide it's muddy and you can find some weird stuff in there.

What have you got coming up aside from the EP that you can tell us about?
We’re playing Secret Garden Party at midnight this Saturday, which is a perfect time for us! We couldn’t be happier. We’re also playing Festival No. 6 (Portmeirion) and Lodestar (Cambridgeshire). Come to our next Strangelove on September 15!

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