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New music

Theme Park: “Tonight”

Prep yourself for the impending weekend with this video treat.

by Ryan Bassil
31 January 2013, 11:43am

Despite the turbulence, multiple delays and an anxious sense of impending death, flying -with a good airline - is the best form of transport. Alongside the stream of New Girl catch-up episodes, bags of peanuts and reclined seats, there’s also generally an unlimited supply of alcohol. Air stewardesses hand out these miniatures with glee, whilst unbeknownst to them, people are stashing them in their bags ready for the weekend ahead.

If you’re heading somewhere nice, the best part of the flight is inevitably the drift toward landing. As sun pours through the window and the mass of land below starts to mould into love-making with strangers shape, airlines should start to play a victory song. A welcome gift ready to prep holiday-makers for the week ahead. What I'm trying to get to is they should be playing Theme Parks “Tonight”.