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Caught Up In Deep Shit

We caught up with Deep Shit, the record label run by Jack from Friendly Fires and Edwin from Foals.

10 September 2013, 10:00am

Edwin from Foals and Jack from Friendly Fires started a night about a year ago called Deep Shit - a chance to play fringe electronica, weird freakout shit they had on their laptops and keep kids dancing. It's been a massive success, and now they're introducing a Deep Shit label too.

As a treat, they've given us with an exclusive mixtape which is free for you suckers to download. It will massively improve your Tuesday and those good vibes will probably spill over into Wednesday by which point it's basically Friday and you can go to the Deep Shit night at The Hive Project and lose your fucking shit.

We wanted to interview them but Edwin was on tour so we had to send the questions over email and I think our jovial tone was mistaken for ill-informed dickishness. Their answers were good though, so that's something.

You're a bunch of #indielads. So, what made you wanna start Deep Shit?

Ed: Comments like that! We can be whatever we want to be. We were both into dance music before joining our respective bands, and this is simply an expression of that original love. I'm a sucker for proclaiming the universality of house music and the irrelevance of genre and I suppose this is all part of that.

From the name people might think it's a deep house night but that's not exactly the vibe, right?

Ed: Not so much. I'm a big deep house nerd, but I also think a lot of deep house is deeply dull, and I'm way more into the all encompassing rave sans airs and graces. You can go deep, and hard, and…anything, really. That's the idea. We play a lot of old records and are dead set on the night riding out the current trends.

Jack: I've never really liked "Deep" as a descriptor of music, all it tends to mean is that there are gonna be jazzy chord shapes that shift around. Deep Shit's more about harder, weirder stuff with the faintest whiff of squalor about it. See the mix for details.

How have the first couple of nights been?

Ed: Great! We've started small with no immediate aim to move beyond the basic unit of ourselves bringing the party. We're just building up a regular crowd of friends and associates and seeing what we can do with that.

Why did you move from Plastic People to Hackney Wick?

Ed: We've actually moved restlessly around various venues in london over the last year and a half. We've always wanted a regular base. Hackney Wick, and The Yard specifically, is an exciting place right now. It's a great location, and it's going to get even greater in the next couple of years. We want to be part of that! We both live East, so it makes sense for our little world.

You're expanding the brand into a label too, right? What will you be releasing?

Jack: It’s mainly an outlet for friends of ours who have stuff to release and our own sporadic forays into making bangers. There's a couple of upcoming tunes on the mix that we're excited about.

Ed: The label actually started nearly a year ago when I made a track called "Heal". We asked our friend – A1 bassline – to remix it and we pressed the tracks up and distributed 300 12”s ourselves. It sold out. It took us a while to get our act together past that, but we recently released Kiwi’s debut EP Llama and we have three or four releases lined up to take us past the new year. The next one is going to be by Dubinsky, a new project from Chris Woodward and his friend Linas.

Is it hard doing this when you're both on the road a lot with your bands?

Ed: Yes. Yes it is. I've been on the road most of this year, and have been unable to DJ very much or spend any real time producing or even thinking about music outside of Foals. Jack has, however, and I know he has a lot of great stuff up his sleeves. I'll have more time next year to work on my life, and I think that's when the label is going to come into its own.


1- Some audio I ripped from a Youtube video

2- Lee Gamble - "Digbeth" (Pan)

3- Future Four - "Into Orbit" (Dark Circles remix) (Phantasy)

4- Lidell Townsend - "I'll Make You Dance" (Trax)

5- Rude 66 - "Die Starke Der Vernichtenden Schlage" (Bunker)

6- Dmitri Veimar - "Played It Tonight" (forthcoming Deep Shit)

7- - "Anyway" (Rampa remix) (Mobilee)

8- Sanfuentes - "TV Ghost" (Sanfuentes)

9- Alejandro Paz - "El House" (Cómeme)

10- Dubinsky - "Tespress" (Primitive World remix) (forthcoming Deep Shit)

11- Ink and Needle - "Tattoo 5" (Tattoo)

12- Joakim - "Find A Way" (Das Glow mix) (Tigersushi)

13- Headless Ghost - "SP3" (Royal Oak)

15- Oyvind Morken - "Gik Av Par Holmilia" (Full Pupp)

16- Fatima Yamaha - "What's A Girl To Do" (D1)

More Deep Shit:

As an irrelevant but enjoyable aside, Jack once wrote the funniest article in the history of the internet. It is here.

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