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Here's David Cameron Saying "You Ain't No Muslim Bruv" Over a Mash-Up of Classic Grime Tracks

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by Noisey Staff
08 December 2015, 2:20pm

A few days ago, the phrase "You Ain't No Muslim, Bruv" basically became "Keep Calm and Carry On" for people who aren't insufferable. It was birthed in the aftermath of a knife attack at Leytonstone tube station on Saturday after a bystander shouted it repeatedly while filming the attacker being pinned to the floor by police. It's a pretty good riposte to attempts to spread violence and terror in the UK but unfortunately it became so popular that David Cameron said it out loud in public, confirming once more that nobody who speaks in received pronunciation should ever, ever say "bruv".

Anyway, Ian McQuaid, music writer and professional remixer of David Cameron Saying Things has only gone and laid it over a mash-up of more classic grime tracks than there are layers of irony, including but not limited to: Dizzee Rascal's "Fix Up, Look Sharp", Youngstar's "Pulse X", and XTC's "Functions" (as recently spat over by Stormzy on "Shut Up").

It concludes, obviously, with a load of pig squeals. It is probably the best 44 seconds you will ever hear. David Cameron reload Champion.

Listen below.