Lose Yourself Completely in Slovenlie’s Colour-Drenched Video For “Disaster”

Maybe revenge is, in fact, a dish best served sweet.

by Daisy Jones
10 May 2016, 9:08am

“Revenge is a dish best served cold” is how the common saying goes. But maybe people have been wrong all these years – maybe revenge is, in fact, a dish best served sweet. South London newcomer Slovenlie certainly seems to think so, as her video for “Disaster” is so drenched in vivid neon rainbow colours, it can be hard to detect the brilliantly jet-black lyricism that lies beneath, like a poisonous pill coated in sticky toffee.

“It’s not your fault that you’re weak it’s just your nature, you only get by ‘cause you look good on paper,” she sings, delivering the shadiest put-down this side of RuPaul Drag’s Race, her words piercing through the track as the kaleidoscopic colours swarm and dance around her face.

Watch below and see/hear for yourself: