Festivals 2015

A Man Has Been Packed into a Tent Bag and is Stuck at T in the Park

"Hi I'm somewhere in green 7 someone has packed me into a tent bag for a joke and I can't get out I don't have much battery left".

by Ryan Bassil
13 July 2015, 10:35am

Of all the things to happen at festivals, getting lost is not the one. Phone signal is lacking and friends rarely reply with urgency. That's all fine when it's three in the morning and you're marauding around with a new-crew of best-friend ravers. But what about when the festival's over? And what if, instead of being lost, you're trapped inside a tent bag and unable to move; zipped up in a nylon-themed version of hell. That's seemingly what happened to T in the Park guest Scott Johnston, who sent the above tweet to the festival's organisers earlier this morning. While the authenticity of the situation isn't yet confirmed: Scott, if you're reading this and this isn't a joke, send a screenshot of your location from Google Maps. People will find you. It's hard to know how seriously to take the situation - given the only information is taken from the above tweet - but one thing's certain: this could quickly turn sour. Scott hasn't posted anything since the initial tweet but you can follow him here to see if there's an updates.

Update: he's out and he's never been more happy to see the rain. I guess it's good he's in Scotland then.

Update: he was having a laugh.

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