Heinali's Latest LP 'Anthem' Sounds like Brian Eno's Worst Nightmares and You Can Stream It in Full Now

The Ukrainian producer's latest work is a tender and slightly terrifying meditation on emotional recovery.

by Josh Baines
06 February 2017, 11:00am

Oleg Shpudeiko's a clever little sod. Hailing from the Ukrainian captial Kiev, the self-taught composer and sound designer, who works under the alias Heinali isn't content with just recording and releasing disquieting corroded ambient soundscapes that sound a bit like Oneohtrix Point Never chucking old Amon Düül II and a few nightmares into a Nutribullet before pouring the resulting cosmic slop onto the passenger seat of a wrecked and ruined car left to rot in hell, as well as spending his spare time recording original soundtracks for video games, and scoring contemporary dance shows.

Having put his joystick and ballet pumps away for a few minutes, Shpudeiko's most recent work—the forthcoming LP, Anthem—is an elegiac record that sees the producer using his own creativity during what he describes as, "a period of recovery from an emotionally dark place," resulting in a "kind of personal therapy."

If you like Emeralds or Tim Hecker or Ben Frost or William Basinski or Grouper or Julianna Barwick or Loscil or Echochord or Brian Eno or anyone else who's ever made music that probably sounds best heard alone in a snowy wilderness, then you're going to love Anthem. Which is why we're being very kind and generous and caring and letting you listen to the whole thing right now. All you have to do is click that orange button below. Click it, and prepare to be submerged in some of the most captivating music we've heard so far this year.

Anthem arrives on February 10th via Injazero Records