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From Krystal Klear to Kornél Kovács, Here Are Our Seven Most Played Tracks of the Week

Also featuring an incredible mix from Principe Discos' Niagara, and some brain-frying courtesy of Amnesia Scanner.

by Angus Harrison
04 March 2016, 4:55pm

We started our week—well technically ended last week but we're sure you'll let us off—with Krystal Klear's thunderous rework of Danny L Harle's "Broken Flowers." From there we hopped to straight to Lisbon, this mix from Niagara—one of PRINCIPE DISCOS' finest young talents—is a startling evocation of the label's continuing presence. We've given our brains a hi-res frying with the fractured sounds and glitchy visuals courtesy of Amnesia Scanner's latest, and there was no let up from Unknown to the Unknown either, with their latest release from Chambray giving us a pummelling. After all that we decided we deserved a bit of let up, so we switched over to the generous grooves on offer in P Relief's Trushmix. From this jumping point the rest of our selections are suitably spangled. Both the sleazy sauce of Mungolian Jetset's "Quintessential Trips to Bergen" and Kornél Kovács' playful "Gex" have left us completely ready for the weekend.

1. Danny L Harle - "Broken Flowers (Krystal Klear Remix)"

2. MIMS Guest Mix: NIAGARA (Principe Discos)

3. Amnesia Scanner - "AS Chingy"

4. Chambray - "Evenue"

5. Trushmix 83 - P Relief

6. Mungolian Jetset - "Quintessential Trips to Bergen"

7. Kornél Kovács - "Gex"

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