GIF Six-Pack: It's National Comic Book Day

It's a bird, it's a plane... it's a GIF Six-Pack!

by Beckett Mufson
25 September 2015, 12:30pm

HoneyBugs, via

Today is National Comic Book Day, a day for celebrating classic superheroes like Aquaman or Arm-Fall-Off-Boy, the modern antics of reimagined characters like Supergirl, and entirely new comic book stars, like Priya, the girl fighting sexism in India with deity-given superpowers. On top of that, New York Comic Con is right around the corner, our collective comic book mojo is in full swing. Here are six GIF artists who have immortalized our heroes in endlessly looping form (and whom we'll probably see in masks and spandex come October).

0nce We Were Kings, via

G1ft3d, via

Robin Davey, via

Jam Factory, via

Clay Rodery, via

See more superhero GIFs on GIPHY.


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