Sculptor Jim McKenzie's Web Series Will School You in Makin' Things

A witty video series by sculptor Jim McKenzie is as surreal as the sculptures.

by Diana Shi
18 December 2016, 1:05pm

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A surrealist sculptor known for his fantastical clay works uncorks his comedy skills in a video series teaching first-timers the basics behind creating. With his dependable sculpture-dog sidekick, King Gordo, by his side, Jim McKenzie is a witty-weird host in paint-spattered coveralls, Gordo in his trusty third-eye crown. The entire segment is brought to life in the slightly unfocused shine of a TV set from the 80s.

The first episode of Makin’ Things with Jim McKenzie covers sculpture, while future episodes will cover painting and drawing. The series is developed by McKenzie and the animation studio, Aardman Nathan Love, where he is a commercial director and designer.

In the thick of it, the two hosts agree to take a few viewer questions, to which McKenzie offers his advice. The first question comes from a young girl who implores the artist to help her immortalize her horse who recently died—more specifically, who was made into dog food. The sculptor then goes on to sculpt a replica bust of the horse with two simple materials: crud clay and baby oil.

Highlights of the series thus far are the timely reaction shots from McKenzie—who appears to be something but a natural comic—and the chummy chemistry between Jim and Gordo.

Watch the full segment below and learn to make your own sculptural ode to a dead pet below:

Follow the series Makin’ Things with Jim McKenzie on YouTube.


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