Virtual Reality's Newest Ambassador? Pac-Man

The startup WHITE and Bandi Namco have ported Pac-Man over to VR.

by DJ Pangburn
23 February 2016, 9:30pm

Screencaps by the author

First, there was a virtual reality edition of Nintendo’s classic shooter, Duck Hunt. Now, there's one for the iconic Namco arcade game Pac-Man. The startup WHITE, maker of the Milbox Touch cardboard VR platform, is apparently working with Bandai Namco Entertainment on a VR version of Pac-Man, which they recently showcased in a video titled MilboxTouch ver. VR PAC-MAN.  

The idea of taking the Pac-Man sprite out of two dimensions and into a three-dimensional world isn’t a first. In the 90s, Pac-Man became a 3D character able to move through a 3D environment. But placing the game character inside a 360-degree VR world certainly is a first, and it’s really quite inspired.


The game play of VR Pac-Man is well-designed and the visuals look great. Unlike other VR headsets, where players move forward either automatically or via gestures, the Milbox Touch has a dial on the right of the headset that allows users to move forward or backward. Pac-Man’s direction is determined by the position of the player’s head, which looks like it could be equally fun and frustrating.

Click here for more info on WHITE’s Milbox Touch VR headset.  


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