Artists to Watch in 2016—According to 14 of Our Favorite DJs

Venus X, Teki Latex, J-Cush, Jlin, and more predict who's going to be huge next year.

by THUMP Staff
23 December 2015, 10:24am

No one spends more time digging through the swamps of SoundCloud and nerding out over new music more than DJs—it's kind of their job, after all. So in order to figure out which artists everyone will be jamming to next year, we turned to some of our favorite DJs and asked who they are most excited for. Here's who they chose as the ones to watch out for in 2016.

1. Venus X

"I'm excited about Kami X Lo, Awful Records, MC Bin Laden, MC Pikachu, Santa Muerte, QWEENBEAT, Kelela, I could go on, but yea that's some."

2. Physical Therapy

"Alvin Aronson. Some people just have it. Wait and see, I promise!"

3. J-Cush

"I'm excited about a lot of people, but I'm gassed the most for the year Newham Generals are about to have in 2016. The work rate never stopped and right now there's a mad surplus of ammunition ready. D Double E and Footsie have been going in on every front—whether poducing beats, MCing, radio sets, live PAs across the world—and always staying fresh. As well as more Newham Generals releases, there is a lot of incredible solo material from both of them to come. Their last single 'Big' which features Frisco and was produced by Treble Clef just came out on Braindead Ent and Bluku Music and they're dropping another NG's tune produced by Footsie called "Bring Dat" soon—one of the hardest tunes in my crates right now. I'll be honest, I think they're going to change the game a lot."

4. Rushmore

MikeQ is launching Qween Beat as a record label officially with a full release planned, which is outstanding! Akito has a lot planned also, so keep an eye on him too. I also know a few other forthcoming exciting projects but I can't tell all my best secrets, right? Jutbe sure to keep a firm eye on Trax Couture ; )

5. Jubilee

(Picture by MuchoFresco)

"I think a new artist that I am really excited about would have to be Happy Colors who is just starting to break out a bit. He's Dominican and from Miami; his sets are insane and so is his music. He just kinda does him all around and has just this hyper Latin thing going on. A lot of dembow and samples from popular Latin songs sometimes sped up as far as happy hardcore vibes. He also has the best press photo ever of him on the toilet on his laptop."

6. Kornél Kovács

"Lukas Nystrand von Unge! Kid's on fire at the moment, sending us at Studio Barnhus at least one hot new demo a day. The follow up to his last EP for us in 2013 is going to be incredible."

7. Star Eyes

"Helena Hauff, Kahn & Neek, Sir Spyro, J-Lin, Drumcell, Chimpo, Youth Code, Mystry, Petey Clicks, Murlo & whoever I don't know about yet."

8. Drippin

"2016 is gonna be the year of Sami Baha. This guy got such an unique ear for details and complex arrangements, still making it sound effortless and sexy. Go Mavericks!"

9. Sporting Life

"More than looking at any particular artist, I'm just excited to see what new styles develop and mutate from older ones. I'm interested to hear the production on new Father tracks and what Cashmere Cat is making, both are really energizing."

10. Aaron David Ross

"Lafawndah. While I am biased as a close friend and frequent collaborator, her EP coming out on Warp in February is major... the start of something huge. Her clarity of vision and wild expanse of influences creates an unyielding flow of inspiration for me, balancing as both co-author and huge fan. I'm casually obsessed."

11. JLin

"The next artist I would to look out for is Fitz Fonzarelli from Gary, IN."

12. TSVI

"Lorenzo BITW, another fellow Italian producer who is working his way up in the UK scene. We're making lots of music together, which will come out in the new year! Can't wait."

13. Teki Latex

"Loom. I am lucky enough to already own his beautiful Gobstopper EP coming in February and I CAN'T WAIT to watch as everyone starts worshipping him for the romantic ice-castle grime God he is. At least I believe that's what he deserves."

14. NAAFI's Tomás Davó

"I think there's something cooking in Latin America. Definitely gonna keep up with Lechuga Zafiro and his crew in Montevideo; Spaceseeds from Nayarit, México, and his chilean crew! And Wasted Fates from México City.