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Get Lost in A "Jungle Daze" with Star Eyes and Doctor Jeep's New Mix

The pair will play at Outlook Festival's debut NYC party this weekend.

by Alexander Iadarola
19 May 2016, 8:00am

Artwork by Marissa Malik, courtesy of the artists

Two of our favorite Brooklyn bass enthusiasts, Star Eyes and Doctor Jeep, have come together with a crate full of golden era anthems and white labels to make us an exclusive, wonderfully delirious all-jungle mix, streaming below. All hazy bliss, uptempo propulsion, and boisterous disinhibition, "Jungle Daze" celebrates their upcoming b2b outing this Friday (May 20) at Croatian Outlook Festival's debut NYC launch party, co-presented by Brooklyn's Dub-Stuy collective and label.

"We'll be doing a two-hour set at the launch party, and the mix is mostly tunes from '93-'96 that represent the vibe we're going for—some absolute classics like Deep Blue's 'Helicopter Tune' and DJ SS's 'Lighter' blended with rare white labels," said Doctor Jeep to THUMP via email. "Star Eyes has a huge vinyl collection and I'm more up to date with modern re-imaginations of jungle, so it should be a diverse night!"

"Jungle is one of my first loves musically," added Star Eyes. "Looking deeper into jungle samples is how I initially learned about reggae/dancehall, dub, and soundsystem culture in general, which is the foundation that Outlook Festival and Dub-Stuy are built on. Jeep and I talk all the time about how jungle is starting to making a comeback—we've been playing more of it in our sets and it inspires our productions—so it was fun to go back and revisit some of the old classics."

If you're planning to find yourself in Croatia at the end of summer, Damian Marley, Goldie, and Mala will play at the 2016 Outlook seafront festival. Back in 2014, London's legendary Channel One Sound System played Dub-Stuy's custom setup "like an instrument."

Jungle Daze tracklist:

1.Tom & Jerry - Maximum Style
2. Deep Blue - The Helicopter Tune
3. DJ Rap - Did You Love Me
4. Urban Shakedown - Arsonist AKA Some Justice '95
5. Plastic Soul - Brand New Heavy (L Double Remix)
6. DJ Rap - Bassona
7. Remarc & Lewi Cifer - Ricky
8. Urban Jungle - Back In The Daze
9. DJ SS - The Lighter
10. MA2 - Hearing Is Believing (Remix)
11. Andy C & Shimon - Nightflight
12. Congo Natty - Jungle Souljah
13. Conquering Lion - Code Red
14. K Jah - Public Service Junglist (Madcap Remix)
15. MC Fats & Tosh - Girls (DJ Hype & Potential Bad Boy Refix)

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