Push This Button and Get Sent a Mystery Box of Chocolates

Amazon’s new "Surprise Sweets" Dash button makes indulging sugary cravings dangerously easy.

by Phoebe Hurst
01 February 2017, 12:59pm

Photo via Flickr user Seth Baur

Whatever your political persuasion, Trump's first 12 days in office have been pretty heavy. We're betting that even the most unflappable Capitol Hill commentators will have spent some of the past week-and-a-bit stress-eating toffee popcorn and wondering whether that emergency tub of Ben & Jerry's is still in the freezer.

It seems that Amazon—the omniscient online marketplace already responsible for gifting us pizza drones and human-free food shops—has sensed our collective yearning for comfort. Delicious, sugary comfort. Last week, news emerged that Amazon customers can now have chocolate delivered directly to them, at the simple press of a button.

Where do we press?

The "Surprise Sweets" service is available to Amazon Prime customers in the US who push the special Amazon Dash button, a small Wi-Fi-enabled device that instructs the company to deliver specific items directly to a registered address when touched. So far, there are Amazon Dash buttons available for products as varied as condoms, dog treats, and beer.

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So, what exactly do you get when you push the Surprise Sweets Dash button? Amazon sells it a "box of delicious treats from small-batch artisans," with example sweets listed as salted butter caramel bites, white chocolate peanut butter macarons, and chocolate truffles.

Fancier than a box of Milk Tray, then.

But trigger-happy Prime customers should take note: despite being delivered with two-day free shipping, the Surprise Sweets box costs $18. And that's every time you push the button.

Maybe we'll just walk to Tesco and stick with the Cadbury's.